Why a Massage Chair?

Massage Chair vs. Masseuse

A massage chair can often pay for itself in under a year when compared to getting a regular massage at a spa. Depending on the health and factoring in any chronic pain an individual has, a person would need anywhere from 2-8 massages to maximize the effects of a massage. When you consider that the national average for a massage is approximately $60, you can note how quickly massage therapy can add up over the span of a year.

With a massage chair, you have the benefit of having an in-home masseuse from the comfort of your home — any time of the day. No more appointments, no more driving to your masseuse. In the long-run it is a great investment not only for your wallet but your health, too.

Best Brands and Best Deals

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What Massage Chair is Right for My Body Frame?

Most of our massage chairs have extendable footrests that accommodate users of most heights. However, some chairs are narrower than others that restrict broader shouldered and petite individuals. We encourage you to look at the specifications of the chairs on all of our products to get a better idea of what height and weight limits are suggested.

===>We also recommend chatting one of our specialists who will offer you their expert opinion as to whether that chair is best for you, and if not, what other similar models to consider instead.


Foot rollers target the acupoints of the feet and knead the foot soles. Additionally, most chairs with foot rollers have airbags that compress and decompress along the sides of the feet and function to push the feet deeper into the rollers. Most massage chairs offer foot rollers now, but there are still some chairs available that only rely on airbags to massage the feet.


Like foot rollers, heat therapy comes designed with the majority of massage chairs now. Most chairs have dual heating pads in the lower back area that warm up the lower back and serve as a way to melt away muscle pain and allow the rollers to work the back more effectively. Some chairs, such as the popular Titan 3D Pro Executive have heating in both the lumbar region and also knee region.

There are still some chairs, however, that do not have heat therapy — but most over the $2500 price range do offer it.


Similar to the above two points, Zero Gravity is now a given in massage chairs these days. Zero Gravity is a NASA inspired recline position that positions the feet 30 degrees above the heart to give you a “weightless” feel. It is one of the most popular features our customers look for.


Airbags are pockets that inflate and deflate with air. They squeeze, compress, knead and swing the body from side to side. They loosen muscle tension, and as in the case of foot rollers, push the muscles deeper into the rollers for a stronger massage.

Massage chairs can come with anywhere from a dozen to 100 airbags. Airbags can be placed inside the seat, on the sides of the chair, in the foot ottoman, the backrest, and even in the head/neck area. A trap that some new massage chair buyers fall in is thinking that more airbags is better. That is not always the case. Some of the newer massage chairs we carry have fewer airbags than older models but compensate for this because newer technology allows the airbags to cover more surface area, thus reducing strain on a massage chair.

What others are saying about their new Massage Chair…

Perfect gift for my workaholic husband after a stressful day/night at work! This massager gives him relaxation before going to sleep during the day/night since he has 2 jobs. Unknown

Fabulous Massage Chair! It reclines to the max, massages nice and hard (depends on how hard you want it) and relaxes you into a deep sleep! This is the best medicine anyone can possibly want! I’m in Love. M. Lopez


Almost all of our massage chairs come with a standard three year manufacturer warranty that covers one year of in-home labor and 2 or 3 years of parts. We do have extended warranty options available that can cover you up to five years for additional peace of mind as well.


Have a question? Ready to make a purchase? Give us a call anytime toll free. You may also talk to a Massage Chair Specialist directly on the bottom right side of this page via live chat.


All our massage chairs are listed at the minimum advertised price (MAP). If you find the same model at the same price, contact us and we will price match our competitor and may also offer you an additional discount.


All massage chair orders come with complimentary curbside shipping. White Glove Delivery — where an installation team will take the massage chair into your home or business and assemble it for you — is also available.


Customers outside the state of Illinois are not subject to state sales taxes.


Massage Chair Deals – FAQ’s

Q: Where do I buy My New Massage Chair?

A: You can buy a full array of Massage Chairs – directly through through this link.

Good luck, and here’s to you having a great Massage – CHAIR!